Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Synnefo at FOSDEM 2013

FOSDEM 2013 is getting really close and we have two reasons to be happy
about it. First of all because we are going to spend a very interesting
and fun weekend by just attending, and second because we will be
introducing Synnefo to the rest of the community!

Vangelis will be having a talk at the cloud devroom introducing Synnefo
to the masses, explaining its design and architecture, plus referring to
the history of its last 2 years of development, and how we used it to
provide a large scale production quality cloud service. He will also
point out how Synnefo differs from the other famous cloud platforms.

So, if you are also attending FOSDEM and would like to know more about
Synnefo, feel free to join us at the talk. We will be glad to meet you.

See you at FOSDEM.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Synnefo is here!

Hello everybody,

this is the first post on the official Synnefo blog, so let me make a
brief introduction.

On this blog we will be posting all kinds of things concerning Synnefo,
from technical stuff, to practices running a large scale production
service, user stories and many more.

For those who are not familiar with Synnefo, please visit the official

Here is a short description and a bit of history:

Synnefo is production-quality open source cloud software. It came out of
GRNET's need to provide a full-fledged Amazon-like cloud service that
would be very simple to use, even for completely inexperienced users.
The software has been designed for large scale installations and targets
commodity hardware.

A small group of engineers began its development in late 2010.
It has been powering GRNET's public cloud service since late 2011:

At the Synnefo site, we have two mailing lists:

 * For users:
 * For developers:

"Synnefo" is the Greek word for "Cloud".
Please feel free to use it and love it.