Thursday, May 22, 2014

Synnefo comes to CentOS!

Hello everybody,

As you may already know, Synnefo was initially developed for and deployed on Debian (in the same way Ganeti is). However, since more and more users have been asking to try it out on their own RPM-based distros, we decided to take the time and help them out.

So, today, we are happy to announce that starting Synnefo v0.15.1, alongside Debian packages, we will also be officially providing RPM packages for the whole Synnefo stack. This will be done via our new yum repository:

The first officially supported RPM-based distro, on which we have extensively tested the packages, is CentOS 6.5! For CentOS 6.5, we also provide a new, step by step Installation Guide, describing how to setup the whole Synnefo stack on two nodes. You can find the CentOS guide in the official Synnefo documentation.

Since all the hard work of resolving dependencies, creating packages that existed for Debian but not for Red Hat, and finding out all the little details has been done once for CentOS, we believe that it is now pretty easy for you to have Synnefo running on other RPM-based distros, such as RHEL, Fedora, Scientific Linux, etc., in the near future, too.

As we mention in the CentOS guide, to be able to download and install all Synnefo components you just need to add the GRNET repo on your installation. You can do this by running:

# yum localinstall
# yum update

So, go ahead and try everything out!
As always, any kind of feedback or bug report is highly appreciated.

on behalf of the Synnefo team,

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Synnefo v0.15.1 Released

Hello Synnefo users,

we are happy to announce that Synnefo v0.15.1 is out!

The most notable changes in this version are:
  • Support for selectable storage backends for Pithos. Two options available: NFS or Ceph's RADOS.
  • Refactoring and extension of the statistics API, to export detailed information about Ganeti clusters, virtual servers, networks, IPv4 pools, images, users, auth providers.
  • Introduction of CentOS 6.5 support and new CentOS installation guide.

This version also includes smaller bug fixes and security enhancements. Please see the Changelog file for the complete list.

This is the first Synnefo version that allows running the whole stack over RADOS storage only.

So, feel free to try it out and report feedback.

on behalf of the Synnefo team,