Thursday, September 12, 2013

Synnefo @ Ceph Day London

Hello everybody,

The schedule for Ceph Day London has just been announced!

What's more, we will be presenting Synnefo at the event showing how we manage to unify cloud storage (Files, Images, VM disks) using

Synnefo + Ganeti + Archipelago + RADOS in production.

We are also really excited to meet the guys from Inktank and other Ceph users, learn and exchange opinions.

So, if you are in London and the above sound exciting, please join us at the event.

See you in London.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A great GanetiCon 2013 has ended

Hello everybody,

as you already know, the first Ganeti conference, GanetiCon 2013, took place last week in Athens. We were extremely happy to be part of it, not only during the organizational procedure, but most importantly during the conference itself, participating in the various design discussions and user reports.

It was great meeting most people from the Ganeti team and other Ganeti users from Greece and abroad. We also had double the pleasure to meet in person happy users of Synnefo, too.

The conference went smoothly from beginning to end and everybody seems to have enjoyed the event. The venue, food and schedule were great, since everyone tried their best and that really showed.

All in all it was a wonderful 3-day event.

For all of you that couldn't make it, please take a look at the updated GanetiCon site for photos and presentation slides.

Let's hope we made a good start for Ganeti this year, and more GanetiCons are ahead the next years to come.

See you all at the next GanetiCon,

P.S.: a special thanks to the guys from Inktank and especially Patrick for sending us all the great Ceph swag, even though they couldn't make it to the event.